The Advantages of Accessing the Internet Through Cell Phones

By Veronica Summers

Sit outside on a sunny day while accessing the Internet on your phone.
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If money is tight, you may be debating on whether to pay extra for a data plan to access the Internet on your cell phone. Although you primarily surf the Web on your home or work computer, you may find that paying extra to access the Internet on your cell phone is worth the extra fees.

Instant Access Everywhere

If you are tired of trying to find free Wi-Fi access points, buying a 3G or 4G data plan is probably worth the money. With a data plan, you can use cellular signals to access the Internet, giving you virtually access anywhere: in cars, restaurants, airports and coffee shops.


If the idea of lugging a heavy laptop around is enough to make your shoulders and back ache, you will appreciate spending a little extra cash each month to access the Internet through your cell phone. When you are out of the house or your place of business, read and reply to email, complete any research, get directions or visit your favorite social networking sites all from your cell phone.


Cellular access to the Internet always provides you with a backup in case of emergencies. At home, your desktop or laptop computer dies. In the two weeks that it will take for repairs, you can still be connected to the Internet through your cell phone.

Using a cellular phone network as a backup may become invaluable to you if you need to use the Internet for work. For example, when traveling for business, you plan on using your hotel room's Wi-Fi for completing an assignment, only to find that the hotel charges outrageous hourly fees for access. Another example is that you have a sales proposal for a client that you need to email, and your network administrator finds a virus and shuts down your network. In business situations where time is money, using your cell phone as a backup can be an invaluable tool.

Separate Private Life from Business

Using your workplace computer for Web surfing or sending and receiving private emails can be a risky proposition. Any data that travels through a business network can be read, tracked and recorded. To keep your private communications separate from your work life, use your cell phone for personal emails, social networking and visiting websites unrelated to work.

Use as a Wireless Modem

Many cell phones with data plans can be connected or tethered to your laptop to act as a wireless modem. Instead of paying an hourly fee at your local coffee shop or to your ISP for Wi-Fi access, you can connect your cell phone to the laptop for free Internet access. By crunching the numbers, you may find that paying for a cellular data plan is less expensive than paying for Internet in your home. In this case, ditch paying your ISP, and use your cell phone's data plan to access the Internet.