What Is Adobe Version Cue CS2?

By Laura Gittins

The Adobe Version Cue CS2 program manages files and comes as part of Adobe Creative Suite 2. A designer can track files, including several iterations of a project that she can recover or delete at any time.

File Management

Adobe Version Cue CS2 streamlines management of files created with Adobe products by maintaining a file history or backup and restoring older projects. Combining with Adobe Bridge, designers can view thumbnail previews of Adobe projects, track non-Adobe files, search version comments and other file information and share files online.

Alternating Files

A designer can open an older project and make changes to it, creating a new project based on the old, for example, with monthly editions of a magazine. Adobe Version Cue CS2 allows him to switch back and forth between the projects and manage variations between each and not lose data from either.


Workgroups can share projects and give information to each other regarding the shared state, usage and editing conflicts. Designers can collaborate on projects on a user-based or server-based network. Adobe Version Cue CS2 prevents users from accidentally overriding files or working with incorrect or outdated versions.