How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Windows XP

by Randall Shatto

The Adobe Flash Player is a tool for playing certain games and watching some videos on the Internet. Most websites have a flash setup, which may include an introduction to the page or animated pictures. If you do not have the Adobe Flash Player for Windows XP, certain websites may be inaccessible. To play flash games or to watch mini flash movies, you must first install the player.


Go to the Adobe Flash Player website. Click on the “Different Operating System or Browser?” link.


Press the arrow under the “Select an Operating System.” Choose the “Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000” option. Click “Continue.”


Select the Flash Player for “Internet Explorer” or “Other Browsers.” Uncheck the “Free McAfee Security Scan,” as this installs unnecessary items on your computer. Read the license agreement, and then press “Agree and Install Now.”


Press the “Allow” button at the top of your browser. This depends on your browser. Click the “Install Now” button.


Close your browser by pressing the “X” in the top right corner. Restart the browser to begin using the Adobe Flash Player.

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