Administrator Password Recovery

by James Ford

Windows users have the option to add a password to their administrator account to increase security. If you forget your password, there are some methods available to retrieve or reset it.

Using a Password Reset Disk

Inserting this at the Windows login screen will run a recovery wizard to reset your password. However, this method does require you to have created the disk prior to forgetting your password.

Password Recovery Program

Downloading one of these third-party programs will help you to retrieve your password. You will need access to another computer or account in order to download these programs.

Using Another Administrator Account

If you have another administrator account on the computer, log into that and reset the password for the forgotten account from the user account settings.

Using the Default Administrator Password

Windows comes with a built-in Administrator account that is hidden and, by default, has no password. Upon boot, at the Windows welcome screen press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" twice to bring up a Windows logon menu. In the username type in "Administrator" and leave the password blank, then click "OK" to log in and reset the other administrator passwords. Alternatively, boot your computer into safe mode and open the account named "Administrator." This method will only work if you have not already set a password for this account or you can remember the password for this account.

About the Author

James Ford started writing in 2004 whilst at university. He has been published in "National Finance," "The Ocelot," and He achieved a Bachelor of Science in criminology from Oxford University.

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