Adjusting the Margins in Pages on an Apple

by Tricia Ballad
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Pages is part of Apple's iWork suite. It is a hybrid word processor and page layout application, making it ideal for desktop publishing and other layout-heavy documents. As you would expect from an application that emphasizes page layout, adjusting the margins is a simple, straightforward task.

Step 1

Open an existing document in Pages. If you are starting a new document, click the "File" menu, then select "New" for a blank document, or "New from Template Chooser" for a document based on a pre-existing template.

Step 2

Click the blue "Inspector" button on the top toolbar to open the document Inspector if it is not already open.

Step 3

Click the "Document" button in the Inspector window.

Step 4

Adjust the margins of your document in the Document Margins section of the Inspector window.

Click the "View" menu at the top of the application screen, then select "Show Layout" to see the changes you have made.


  • If you are formatting a book that will have facing pages, click the "Facing Pages" check box and be sure the inside margin is larger than the outside margin.


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