Adjusting the Backlight on Your New Kindle

By Mike Venture

The Kindle Paperwhite was unveiled by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on September 6, 2012.
i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Amazon's Kindle reading devices have been adopted by millions of readers across the country and world. The Paperwhite edition of the Kindle, released in autumn 2012, incorporates many new features, such as a built-in light, that led NBC News to declare it the "king of e-readers." The light, which improves the contrast of the display, is meant to be left on most of the time and adjusted according to lighting conditions.

Step 1

Tap near the top of the screen to display the toolbar if it's not already displayed.

Step 2

Tap the lightbulb icon on the toolbar to display the backlight adjustment pane.

Step 3

Tap or swipe up or down on the tick marks to adjust the backlight. Moving the tick marks up will increase the brightness; down will decrease the brightness.

Step 4

Tap outside the backlight adjust pane to close it.