How to Adjust the Volume on Your Computer

by Larry Amon

If you're new to using computers or if you have used them for a while but never touched the sound controls, it's important to understand how to adjust the volume. Whether the computer is a desktop or a laptop, it is pretty much the same, but some laptop speakers, however, may be limited as to the output they can produce. In almost all versions of Windows the volume controls are pretty similar.

Turn the physical speaker volume up. On a desktop the speakers usually have a knob that controls the volume and a button to turn the speakers on. A laptop may have either a small dial on the front or side or no physical control at all.

Click on the Windows volume control, which appears as a speaker icon in the lower right side of the taskbar. Move the slider up and down with the mouse to control the volume.

Adjust the volume in each individual program. If you are listening to something through a web page or a specific audio program, there is often a volume control visible on the page or an application you can slide up and down.


  • check Make sure the mute is not selected when you change the volume.

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