How to Adjust a Samsung Monitor Stand

By Patrick Nelson

The top of the monitor should be at eye height.
i eyes image by Mat Hayward from

After connecting the Samsung monitor to your computer, you can adjust the stand, creating the best ergonomics for you. Stands swivel and slide and there's also a tilt angle. The best ergonomic position for any monitor is the top of the monitor should be at eye height--your eyes should be horizontally at the same level as the top bezel when you are sitting upright.

Grasp the sides of the Samsung monitor and rotate it 90 degrees to create either a landscape orientation, or a portrait orientation. The rubber under the stand should stop the monitor from sliding as you do this.

Place one hand on the base and slide the screen up or down with your free hand until the top bezel is at your eye height if the stand slides. Or, tilt the screen either forward or backwards if the screen doesn't slide, but tilts. You can tilt 3 degrees forward from vertical, or 25 degrees backwards. Lower your chair until your eyes are at top bezel height.

Make minor adjustments over time. Adjust the Samsung monitor stand if you experience any discomfort working at your computer.

Use the wall mounting kit. Attach the optional base if you want to hang the monitor on the wall. The monitor should be 10 cm away from the wall surface. Make sure the kit is compliant to international standards called the VESA standard. The kit needs a mounting interface pad. Samsung monitors can use 200mm x 100mm or 100mm x 100mm mounting interface pads.