How to Adjust a Projection TV

By Michael Cantrell

Adjust a Projection TV

If you own a projection television set, you may notice from time to time that your picture starts looks a bit dull or that the picture gets a little fuzzy. This is no cause for immediate alarm and does not necessarily mean that your TV is going out and you will have to purchase a replacement. In most cases like this, you can fix the problem yourself simply by adjusting a few settings on your television set. Have your owner's manual handy in case you have to adjust your television to a specific type of setting.

Access the menu or control panel that enables you to adjust your television settings. Every television is designed and built differently. Some have menus on the TV that you access using the remote control, while others have menu buttons located somewhere on the television set.

Adjust the color of your television set. Using either the on-screen menu or the control panel on the TV, adjust the color until the colors on screen are comfortably bright and vibrant. Don't turn up the color too much, or the colors will look fuzzy and unnatural. If using a remote, adjust the color by hitting the plus or minus buttons (either the channel up and down or volume up and down buttons). If using the control panel, there will be a button or knob that you turn to make your adjustments.

Adjust the brightness level if the color looks dull, faded and sort of dingy. Also, if you have moved the television to a different room, the lighting of that room will have an effect on the quality of the picture and its brightness. Adjust the brightness accordingly using the remote or control panel controls. If you are watching television in a dimly lit room, you may want to soften up the brightness by turning it down so as not to cause eye strain or fatigue.

Check your owner's manual for specific adjustment settings. Some television sets have settings to adjust for concerts, sporting events, shows and movies. These setting may help solve some of the picture issues you are having.

Purchase high-quality cables that will bring out the full quality of the picture of your television set. These cables can usually be found at your local electronics store or television repair shop. They can give your TV an added boost that the factory cables cannot.