How to Adjust Printer Color

by Greyson Ferguson

When printing, you may not be happy with the color that comes out of your printer. However, all printers are different in terms of color tone and how they see the color on your screen, so every printer can end up printing a different shade. To adjust the color your printer produces, edit the color used in the document you are sending to the printer.

Open the document you want to print and print one copy. Use this as a reference when changing your colors.

Inspect the printed document after it dries. Determine what colors need changing. Perhaps the blue isn't dark enough or maybe the green is too light.

Select the colored area you want to change on your document. Click the color swash at the top of the screen and either chose a darker color or lighter color, depending on how you see it on the test print. Although this may change the look on your monitor, it will be closer to what you want when you print.

Reprint the document and inspect the page. Fine tune and reprint if desired.

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