How to Adjust the Picture Size on a Panasonic VIERA Plasma HDTV

by Mindi Orth
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Panasonic provides the ability to change the aspect ratio of the images you view on the Viera line of plasma televisions. This allows you to adjust the size of the images you view on your Viera, which can enhance your viewing pleasure. You can use your Viera’s remote control to change the aspect ratio quickly depending on what you are watching.

Step 1

Press the power button on the remote control or on the front of your Viera to turn on your Panasonic TV.

Step 2

Push the “Format” button on your Viera’s remote control. The Aspect Ratio menu displays on the TV screen.

Use the arrow buttons to scroll through and select the desired aspect ratio. Options include Full, Just, H-Fill and Zoom. Select “Full” if you want to stretch the image horizontally across the entire screen to get rid of the black bars on the sides. Select “Just” to stretch the image evenly to the four sides of the screen. Select “H-Fill” to increase the horizontal image; however, this option cuts off part of the image on the right and left side. Select “Zoom” to increase the entire size of the image; however, this option cuts off part of the image on all sides. The menu closes automatically once you make your selection.


  • You can adjust the portion of the image you view when using the Zoom aspect ratio. To adjust the zoom, push the “Menu” button and use the down arrow button on the remote to highlight the Zoom Adjust menu option. Push the “OK” button on the remote to select the option. From here, you can adjust the vertical position and size of the zoomed image.

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