How to Adjust LCD Back Lighting on a Panasonic

By William Pullman

Panasonic LCD televisions are designed with multiple settings you can adjust to suit your own preferences. Among the many picture settings is an adjustable back light, which you can make brighter or dimmer as you wish. Adjusting the back light brightness on your Panasonic LCD television can increase your visual comfort while watching TV.

Step 1

Turn on the television and press the "Menu" button on the remote control. The television's main menu will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Highlight "Picture" with the up or down arrow buttons and press "OK" to access the picture settings.

Step 3

Use the up or down arrow buttons to find and highlight "Back Light."

Step 4

Increase the back light setting by pressing the right arrow button and decrease the setting by pressing the left arrow button. Increasing the back light makes it brighter; decreasing makes it dimmer. You will see the change in the screen as you press the buttons.

Step 5

Return to the previous screen to make other settings adjustments by pressing the "Return" button or exit the menu system by pressing the "Exit" button.