How to Adjust the Color on a JVC TV

By Chad Buleen

One of the advantages of owning a JVC TV is that if the color on the television does not look right, you can easily change the color settings to improve the screen picture. You may find yourself needing to adjust the color settings soon after buying the TV or after moving the television from one room to another that has slightly different lighting.

Press "Menu" on the remote control.

Select "Picture"and press "OK." Then press "Picture Mode." Press "OK" again.

Select "User" and push "OK."

Use the back arrow button to return to the "Picture" setting. Push "OK."

Select "Picture Setting" and press "OK."

Scroll down to "Color" and click "OK."

Use the left and right arrow buttons on the remote to change the color as it appears on the screen. Click "OK" when you have adjusted the color to your liking.