How to Adjust the Skew for Dish 500, 110 and 119 Degrees

by Allen Coleman
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To accurately adjust your satellite dish to find that signal coming from the sky, you need the correct directions to aim your dish. Dish Network supplies the elevation, azimuth (left and right) and the skew number to help you pinpoint that signal. Once you have assembled your dish, first set the elevation on the dish assembly on the back of the dish. The next step is to set the skew for 110 and 119 degrees, which is the location for the satellites.

Step 1

Locate the skew, azimuth and elevation numbers that you will need for your location by going to the Dish Network website and find the right numbers according to your zip code (see Resources).

Step 2

Adjust the skew point on the back of the dish until it lines up with the appropriate number. The skew adjustment is in the middle of the dish assembly. The skew scale is on the left and the skew point is on the bracket. Line up the skew line with the correct number on the skew scale. The skew along with the elevation and azimuth settings will line you up for both the 110 and 119 degree satellite.

Tighten down the skew bolt on the dish assembly as tight as you can get it. It is located just below the skew point.


  • After you have set the skew for the dish, do not readjust the skew for pin-pointing the signal.


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