How to Find an Address Using a Fax Number

By Aleksandra Ozimek

Get rid of unwanted faxes easily by finding the source of the trouble.
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Search engines and various online services make it possible to easily look up addresses and phone numbers of almost anyone by using reverse lookups. There aren't reverse fax lookup websites that only locate fax numbers and names of people or companies and their addresses. This does not mean that you cannot look up fax numbers online and find the name and address, though not necessarily for free.

Gather as much information as possible about the fax number you're looking up. Determine the region it is in by the area code and whether the fax came from a person's home or a company. The more information you have, the easier it will be to find the address connected to the fax number. If there is a website or company name listed, look it up online and most likely you will get a fax number and an address.

Use search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Enter the fax number either in the (555) 555- 5555 or 555-555-5555 format. If it is the fax number of a company, it most likely will come up in the search. When it does, you will get the address, phone number and other contact information.

Go on reverse phone lookup websites such as or Choose the Reverse Phone option. Enter in the fax number. If the number is published or listed, it will show up with the company's or person's name, address and phone number. Many companies' fax numbers should be listed on these pages. Unpublished or unlisted numbers require some further steps.

See what information is available for fax numbers that come up as unpublished. If a location is given without specifics, you most likely will be able to get a full report for a small fee. Use safe websites such as or AT&T's to avoid getting scammed. Many telephone carriers do not list private numbers to the public, so you might get access to this information by purchasing a full report. Make sure to read what the report will contain before purchasing it. It should contain at least the name and address.

Use online phone detectives such as, if all else fails. These phone detectives charge you a fee for their service but promise to deliver positive results. Again, make sure that at least some information is given to you when you enter the fax number, such as a location or a confirmation that the number is listed.

Contact your phone or fax company to find out if the fax number can be connected to an owner or even blocked. You can do this with or without additional information about the number. After you explain the problem, your phone or fax company should block the fax number so you will no longer be contacted by the unwanted fax number. They also might help you determine who has the fax number by using their private investigators or reverse lookup directories.

Hire a private investigator if you still can't find the address. This may be costly but effective if you want to get rid of unwanted or dangerous faxes from an unknown number.