How to Find Directions to an Address Using Google

by Contributor

With Google search, you don't need to look up a map or ask someone for directions. This feature of Google enables you to perform an online search for specific directions to an address. Here is how to do it.

Go online and visit the Google home page (see resources).

Enter the U.S. street address and the city name in the search box. This will display results for the typed search item. At the top of the search results page, you will find a Google "Map" result for the search item.

Click on the Google "Map" result. This will lead you to the area map with a pointer to the requested address.

Click on any of the "Get Directions" options. This allows you to find directions "to be there," "from there" or to "search nearby."

Enter the exact address you're looking for in the "Direction" search box.

Alternatively, go to the Google Maps page ( and enter the street address and city name in the search box. You can enter the destination as well as the originating place to get directions from Google Maps.