Adding QR Code to a LinkedIn Profile

By Brandy Alexander

A QR, or Quick Response, is a small barcode that contains information such as a URL or phone number. Customers can use their smartphones to scan your QR and automatically bring up your LinkedIn public profile. LinkedIn doesn't give you the ability to upload a QR image, but you can generate a QR that links directly to your LinkedIn page. You can add your QR to your business website or to printed material such as your business card. Use a free, QR code generator, such as QRStuff, Azonmedia or, to build your QR.


Browse to the QRStuff website, click "LinkedIn" and then click "LinkedIn Profile."

Type your LinkedIn public profile URL in the text field, and then click the "Embed URL into Code As-is" or "Use our URL Shortener" option to designate how your Web address is embedded in the QR code.

Click an output type, such as "Download," to receive your QR code file.


Navigate to the Azonmedia site and click the "A Profile in the Social Networks" link. Click the "LinkedIn" icon to continue.

Type your Linked profile URL in the text field, and then use the menus under the QR Code Appearance title to design your QR code. For example, click the "Block Size" drop-down menu to specify the size of the QR block in pixels.

Click the "Generate" button to preview your QR code. Click a format option, such as "JPG," and then click the "Download" button to download the QR code. Alternately, copy the HTML code that displays and paste it on a Web page.

Browse to the website and click the "LinkedIn" option.

Enter your LinkedIn profile address in the text field. You can also click "Advanced Options" and further configure your QR code by selecting, for example, "Use Original Link Instead of's URL Service."

Click the "Create" button to generate your QR code. Click the "Link" option and then copy the HTML code that displays, or click a download size to download your QR file.


If you don't know your LinkedIn public profile URL, log in to your LinkedIn account, click "Profile," click "View Profile" and then copy the URL address that displays.

Each QR code generator gives you options for how you receive your QR. For example, you can choose "download" to access the QR image and then add it to a document such as your company brochure. Alternately, you can copy the generated HTML code and paste it in an html page to display your QR code image on the Internet.