Adding Netflix on the Panasonic Viera

By Melissa King

Updated September 01, 2017

Viera Cast features Netflix and other media-streaming apps.
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Panasonic Viera televisions manufactured in 2008 or later feature Viera Cast, an app store that enables you to buy games, movies, music and other types of content. Panasonic includes the Netflix streaming video service to the Viera Cast app store. If you have a Netflix account, you can download the free app and watch streaming movies without having to connect another device to your television.

Setting Up Viera Cast

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the Viera. Connect the other end of the cable to a free Ethernet port on your router.

Press the "Power" button on the remote control to turn the TV on. Tap the down arrow to highlight the wrench icon. Press "Select."

Press the down arrow to highlight "Network Settings." Select "Ethernet Cable" if it isn't already highlighted.

Highlight "Connection Test" and press "OK." The Viera will perform an Internet connection test. When the test completes, press "Return" and "Exit."

Setting Up Netflix

Power on the Viera and press the "Viera Cast" button on the remote control.

Press the directional buttons to highlight "Netflix," then press "OK" when asked if you are a Netflix member. A code appears on the TV screen.

Open the Internet browser on your computer and go to the Netflix activation website (link in Resources). Enter your Netflix email address and password, then click "Continue."

Type the code that appeared on your TV, then click "Activate."

Select "Netflix" on your TV to view your Instant Queue. To play a movie, highlight it and press "OK."

Items you will need

  • Ethernet cable

  • Viera Cast-compatible TV

  • Router

  • High-speed Internet service

  • Netflix account