Adding an Invisible Character to Text in Facebook

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You can use invisible characters to add blank text into text fields on websites, such as your posts on Facebook. Go to the Character Map in Windows 8 to find an invisible character, and then copy it to your system clipboard and paste it into a text field on Facebook.

Copy the Special Character From the Character Map

Press the "Windows" key to open the Start menu, type "character map" (omit the quotes here and throughout) in the search box, and then press "Enter" to open the Character Map. Check the box next to "Advanced View," enter "200D" into the "Go to Unicode" field, click the "Select" button, and then click the "Copy" button to copy the blank character to your clipboard.

Paste the Special Character Into Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account, and then click into the text field where you want to paste your blank character -- for example, click into the field under "Status" if you want to include the character in a new post. Press "Ctrl-V" to paste the invisible character into your text field.


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