Adding Google Analytics to an Existing Facebook Profile

By G.S. Jackson

If you are the inquisitive sort, then you might want to know how many people hit up your Facebook profile during the course of a day or a month. If you use Google Analytics, this isn't a problem: you can track a page such as your Facebook profile the same as any other Web page. This makes gauging your popularity on Facebook a more educated effort.

Step 1

Log in to Google Analytics, and click "Admin."

Step 2

Click the "+New Account" button.

Enter the website name (this is for your own records) in the corresponding text box, select an industry and timezone from the drop-down menus, and give your account a name in the "Account Name" text box. Enter the URL of your Facebook profile page in the "Web Site URL" box. You can copy the URL of your Facebook profile from your browser's address bar by navigating your Web browser to Facebook and clicking on your username in the menu of your Facebook page. Copy that URL into the text box, and select "https:" from the drop-down menu. Then click "Get Tracking ID." You will now be tracking your Facebook profile through Google.