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by William Lynch
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Facebook keeps all profile pages as uniform as possible to portray a clean, professional appearance. Users are unable to edit the default text settings to change font color or style, meaning all Facebook status updates post in a standard black font. As a result, one text update tends to blend into the next with little in the way of individuality. However, if you would like to attract more attention, using a simple coding trick can post your updates in blue text, making them stand out from the crowd and possibly bring more visitors to your profile.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2

Click within the "Status Update" text window at the top of the page.

Step 3

Type the following line of code: @@[1:[0:1: YOUR STATUS UPDATE ]]

Step 4

Replace the "YOUR STATUS UPDATE" portion with your desired message. Make the message as long as you want; there is no size restriction other than the status update maximum length of 63,206 characters.

Click "Post" to submit your status update. The message you entered will now be displayed in distinctive blue text.


  • Using the blue text trick also turns your typed message into an active link. Anyone who clicks on the link will be redirected to your Facebook profile. Knowing this allows you to have some fun with your status updates by entering messages that turn your profile into a potential punch line. This same trick may also be used in Facebook chats and in Facebook comments.
  • For a more colorful take on status updates, install the "Status Analyzer 3D" app available for free from Facebook. The app analyzes your recent status updates and uses the most common words and phrases to create either a 2D or 3D word cloud from the results. The word cloud image, which usually includes vibrant colors, may then be shared via a status update or posted on your profile. To find the app, simply search Facebook for "Status Analyzer 3D."


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