Adding an Attachment to a Facebook Event

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Facebook events limit the type of information that you can include when creating an event. You can add photos and videos using the event wizard during initial creation, or you can add media after the event has been created through the event page. To add an attachment that isn't a photo or video, you need to host the attachment on a free external file hosting service such as Wikisend, Hotfile, Senduit or another file sharing service of your choice. Once you have uploaded the file to the external site, you can create a link to the file within your event.

Add Videos and Photos

Step 1

Access your Event page by clicking on the Facebook logo after logging in to your Facebook page. Click "Events" from the sidebar and select your event.

Step 2

Click "Create an Event" if you have not yet created one and enter in the name, date and time of the event. Click "Create." If you have created an event, click on the event photo to edit the event details.

Click the "Gear" icon and then select "Browse" to upload a photo for the event's picture. If you want to add a photo or video for authorized guests to view, click the "Add Photos/Videos" link and drag a file from your computer to the text area. Click "Post."

Other Attachments

Step 1

Access Wikisend, Senduit, Hotfile or your preferred file sharing service (see links in Resources).

Step 2

Click "Choose File" and select a file from your computer to upload and click "Open." If you use Senduit, you can set the time limit for for the event's expiration by selecting a duration in the "Expire In" drop-down menu. Registered users of Wikisend can also set advanced time limits on file uploads.

Step 3

Click "Upload" or a similar option and copy the URL link to your file.

Access your Facebook event page and post the link to the file in a status update. Click "Post" when finished.


  • If privacy is a concern, or you are sharing sensitive information, consider using a paid file service such as YouSendIt or Adobe SendNow.


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