Adding a Hyperlink on Linkedin

By Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

Create hyperlinks as shortcuts to your company's website.
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As a member of the LinkedIn community, you can add a hyperlink to your shared posts or your profile. These shortcuts, or jumps, take the reader to a website and offer an elegant way for your clients to view additional information. You can have a hyperlink open a new browser tab and display a Web page containing your company information, for example. Hyperlinks on a shared post usually show a thumbnail of an image in the activity feed.

Shared Updates

Sign in to your LinkedIn account and click the “Home” menu button. The Share an Update section will display above the shared news posts.

Click the “Attach a Link” button that displays a paper clip symbol in the Share an Update section to open a field for the URL.

Type the URL address in the field. Click the “Attach” button. A description of the Web page will display. Some links display a thumbnail of an image, such as a logo. If two or more thumbnail images are available, click the arrow button to cycle through the images and display the thumbnail of the preferred image.

Type your news in the Share an Update field. Click the “Share” button to post the hyperlink and text.

Profile Hyperlinks

Click the “Profile” menu button to open the list of options and click “Edit Profile” to display your profile in edit mode.

Scroll to the Additional Information section and click the “Edit” button to display the website fields.

Click the arrow button in the first field to open the list of options, such as “Personal Website,” “Company Website” or “Other.” Click the preferred option. The Personal Website and Company Website options will display a second field on the line. The Other option displays a third field on the line.

Type your website’s URL in the second field. If you selected the “Other” option for the first field, type a website title in the second field and the URL in the third field.

Click the “Save Changes” button on your profile to display an updated profile in edit mode.

Click the “Profile” menu button to list the options and click the “View Profile” option to display your profile as viewed by your connections. Click the hyperlinks to check if the correct Web page opens in a new tab or window.


Test the hyperlink periodically to ensure the link is not broken.