How to Add a YouTube Video to a Blogger Sidebar (7 Steps)

By Kevin Lee

Video and sound can add life to a Blogger page.
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If you're tired of boring links, text and images on your Blogger sidebar, surprise site visitors with a video. YouTube, the online video sharing site, allows users to grab the HTML video code from any video and embed it on a Web page. By adding an HTML gadget to your blog, you can paste YouTube video code into the gadget and insert the gadget into your sidebar. Users viewing your blog will then see the video whenever they visit your blog.

Step 1

Open your browser and navigate to Choose from a list of recommended videos or do a search for a specific video. Click the video and it begins to play. Click "Pause" to pause the video.

Step 2

Click the "Share" button beneath the video, then click "Embed." A text box containing HTML code appears. Click the text box to highlight the text, then right-click the highlighted text and click "Copy." Windows copies the HTML to the system clipboard.

Step 3

Visit your Blogger account page. This page contains a list of your current blogs. Each blog name appears in a separate section. Each section contains a "Design" link associated with that blog.

Step 4

Click the "Design" link in one of the sections. The "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page opens.

Step 5

Click the "Add a Gadget" link located on the sidebar to open the "Add a Gadget" window. Click "HTML/JavaScript" and the "Configure HTML/JavaScript" pop-up window opens. This window contains a "Title" text box and a "Content" text box.

Step 6

Type a title for your video in the "Title" text box, then right-click anywhere inside the "Content" text box.

Step 7

Click "Paste" to paste the HTML you copied from the YouTube site. Click "Save," then click "Preview." Your blog opens in a preview tab or window and displays the YouTube video in the sidebar.