How to Add Word Slides to Adobe Premiere

By Tammy Columbo

Use word slides to provide more detail to frames in your Adobe Premiere project.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Text boxes and word slides help to clarify scenes and shots in your Adobe Premiere project. Add word slides and text boxes to your sequence with a special titling feature. This feature is commonly known as the Title tool in Adobe Premiere. Each word slide, or title, you create is automatically saved in the Project panel. Simply drag the word slide over your timeline, and drop the title where you want it to appear in your sequence.

Step 1

Open your video in Adobe Premiere Pro, and then locate the frame in the timeline you would like to use as your starting point for the word slide. Position the playhead over the frame.

Step 2

Click the “File” tab on the top toolbar, and then click “New.” Click “Title.” The Title tool launches and the New Title pop-up window opens.

Step 3

Type a name for the new title box in the Name field, and then click “OK.” The Title tool displays a text box with the frame you selected in your timeline as the background image.

Step 4

Click the “T” icon in the left panel to change the cursor to the Type tool, and then click inside the text box where you would like the text to begin. Type the desired text in the text box.

Step 5

Click the “Selection” tool in the left panel, and then click on the text box to move the box on the screen.

Step 6

Click the text box, and then click the “Font Size” option in the top toolbar in the Title tool. Drag the edges of the text box to enlarge or shrink the font.

Step 7

Click the text box with the Selection tool, and then click a style from the Title Styles panel beneath the text box editing window. The text changes to the selected font and title style.

Step 8

Click the “X” to close the Title tool when you have achieved the look of your word slide. The slide automatically saves to the Project panel with the name you specified when you created the slide.

Step 9

Drag the word slide and drop the title on the frame where the text will display in your project.

Step 10

Repeat the process for each word slide to insert into your project.