How to Add Windows Defender to the Taskbar

by Rex Molder

The Windows taskbar has been around from the very beginning of the operating system's existence, but with each new version of Windows the taskbar undergoes a few changes. The latest version of Windows OS, Windows 7, allows you to "pin" programs to the taskbar to make them easy to locate and open. If you prefer to have the Windows Defender anti-virus program handy, you can use this feature to keep it in place at the bottom of the screen, or wherever you have positioned your Windows taskbar.

Click the Windows "Start" button and type "Windows Defender" into the search box.

Click the Windows Defender entry that appears in the search results under Control Panel to open the program.

Locate the Windows Defender icon in the taskbar and right-click it.

Select "Pin this program to the taskbar." Windows Defender will now remain in the taskbar even when you close the program. When closed, the program icon will shrink to a miniature version of the regular icon to save room on the taskbar. To reopen it, left-click the icon.

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