How to Add a Wig in a Picture

by Hope Nunzio
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Whether you're balding a little and want to spruce up a photograph with a wig, or you just want to see what your sister looks like as a blonde, photo editing software makes it easy to add a wig in a picture.

Step 1

Open the digital photo in a photo editing program. Either upload the image directly to your computer from your digital camera or scan the printed photo. Make sure the face of the person you'd like to give a wig is unobstructed. Bangs, hats, or other objects that obstruct the face may interfere with the quality of the photo editing.

Step 2

Find a picture of a wig that you'd like to use. For silly wigs, look in free clipart galleries. For a natural wig, a real life digital image with minimal pixelization is best. Copy the image in the photo editing software, and paste it on top of the person's face.

Step 3

Erase the area around the wig with the digital eraser. If possible, fade the wig image to 50 percent so you can see the photograph underneath. Adjust the size of the eraser for finer details, and use a circle shape to capture the natural curves of the jawline and forehead.

Adjust the size of the wig to frame the face to make it look as realistic as possible. Also note the contrast of the colors and the lighting in the original photograph. You may want to play with the color and light settings so the details in the wig match the face.


  • Zoom in on the photograph and clean up any stray remnants from the wig image to fix the fine details.


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  • see my wig image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from

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