How to Add VST to Logic

by Serm Murmson

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins are instruments and effects which can be hosted within your audio software for added functionality. As long as the audio software you use can function as a VST host, you can implement VST plug-ins. Unfortunately, Logic for the OS X only supports Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins. You can still use your VST plug-ins in Logic, but you must first convert them into the AU format, called "wrapping" the plug-in. In order to wrap your VST plug-ins, you will need a special piece of software.

Obtain a VST to AU wrapping program. The FXpansion VST to AU Adapter is a widely used commercial program for this task. JVSTwRapper is a free, Java-based wrapping program. Alternatively, you may use Plogue's Bidule to host AU plug-ins, and use Bidule as a plug-in within Logic or alongside Logic using the Propellerhead ReWire application.

Obtain your desired VST plug-ins. There are VST plug-ins for all types of audio tasks and sound creation. Some are free, and others you must purchase. If a VST plug-in also has an AU version, download the AU instead. This will work with Logic without need for a wrapper.

Paste your downloaded VST plug-ins in the Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST folder in the Finder. If you downloaded AU files, paste them in the Components folder instead of the VST folder.

Open your wrapper-generating program.

Generate wrappers for your VST plug-ins. The wrapping process creates a shell or bridge for your VST plug-in files which is readable as an AU plug-in (and placed in your AU Components folder). This process does not change the location of your VST plug-ins nor does it alter the original file in any way.

Open Logic. Your wrapped VST plug-ins will be automatically detected as AUs and available for use in your Logic projects.

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