How to Add New Videos to iTunes

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Upon initial setup, iTunes will automatically search your hard drive for videos and music to add to your iTunes "Library" file. Afterwards, the iTunes software makes it easy for you to locate videos on your hard drive or download new videos to your library.

Move Videos Already on Your Computer to Your iTunes Library

Open iTunes on your computer by double clicking on the iTunes icon.

Click on "File > Add to Library."

Browse for video files. Search folders where you might have stored videos-try "My Documents," "My Videos" or "My Received Files."

Select one or more files and click "OK" or "Open."

You can also drag-and-drop video files from a folder (navigate folders with the "My Computer" or Windows Explorer feature) to the open iTunes window.

Buy Videos From the iTunes Store for Your iTunes Library

Click the iTunes Store icon in the "Source" list on the left of the iTunes window. Click the "Sign In" button to log in or start a new account.

Click the "Videos" link on the iTunes Store main page to summon a list of video categories and browse videos.

Click the "Buy" button to add a video to your shopping cart.

Click the "Shopping Cart: icon to review your order. If everything looks good, click "Buy Now." The videos will download and automatically appear in your iTunes "Library" file.


  • check You can also search for videos in the iTunes Store, just like you'd search for songs on your library.
  • check When you download videos from Web sites, save them in a designated folder so you can easily find them.


  • close Videos occupy a lot of hard disk space. Delete any old videos and duplicates.

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