How to Add a Verizon Card to a Phone

By Jaclyn Petersen

To use a Verizon Wireless Prepaid phone, customers must add minutes in advance. One way to do this is by purchasing a prepaid Verizon refill phone card. The prepaid Verizon phone cards are an easy way to add minutes to your phone without using a credit card to pay for services. This cell phone service provider allows customers to add Verizon phone card refill minutes in several ways, including via cell phone, through the Internet, by calling from a land line or even through a text message.

Purchase a Verizon Refill Card at a Verizon Wireless Store, at an authorized retailer or through the official Verizon Wireless website. The cards range from $30 to $75 in prepaid minutes, as of December 2010.

Add the Refill Card to the phone by dialing 611 from your Verizon cell phone. Listen to the prompts and enter the number on the refill card when the information is requested.

Add the Refill Card by logging in to your Verizon account online. To do this, you'll need to register your phone online and sign up for "My Verizon" at the official Verizon website.

Add Verizon phone card minutes from a land line telephone. Call 800-294-6804 and follow the prompts. Enter your cell phone number and card code when prompted to do so.

Add minutes from a Verizon Refill Card by texting the card number to "VZPAY" (89729). Simply open a new message window and type 89729 for the text address. In the message box, include the Refill Card numbers and select "Send."