How to Add a Touch Screen to a Laptop

by Cornelus Postell

Laptop technology has made it easy to add a touch screen with the help of key components. A few brands even give you the ability to start touch screen on demand by adjusting the computer's display settings. However, the majority of today's computer users operate older model computers for work, school and play. The process of adding a touch screen to older computers has become simple. Armed with a stylus and a special tablet, today's computer users have easier access to newer technology. Graphic artists, writers and others will appreciate how it may change the way they input data to their laptop screen.

Select a touch screen kit that is compatible with your laptop. The options of add-on touch screens are plentiful. Popular versions include the Navisis Laptop Pen Tablet, DUO Laptop Pen Tablet Converter and DUO EZ Canvas Tablet Converter. Choose the size needed when ordering the Navisis Laptop Pen Tablet and DUO EZ Canvas Tablet Converter.

Shut the laptop down. Attach the plastic protector screen and mount touch screen receiver to your laptop. Use the attachments (clips) provided in your touch screen kit and position the screen by cradling the hooks to face towards the back of the laptop. You can mount these touch screen receivers on top or either side of the laptop screen. Mount the DUO Laptop Pen Tablet Converter to the top of the screen. Connect the USB cable from your touch screen receiver to your laptop USB port. Reboot your computer and download or insert the provided installation CD into your computer's optical drive.

Install the software provided and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • check Minimum configuration for touch screen add-on kits is Windows 2000 (and above), a CPU running at least 500 MHz, and an available USB Port.

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