How to Add a Radio Station to Windows Media Player

By Kefa Olang

i Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Windows Media Player, a free media player that allows you to play music, videos and DVDs, also allows you to listen to digital radio stations. Depending on your musical interests, you can select from a wide variety of radio stations including country, R&B and rock. Using a simple setup, you can add your favorite stations to your media player and enjoy your favorite tunes on your computer.

Step 01

Click the Windows "Start" menu and click "Windows Media Player" to launch your media player.

Step 11

Click the "Guide" tab located on the top to access the Media Guide. Click the "Radio Tuner" link to launch the Radio Tuner.

Step 21

Click the radio station name you want to add to Windows Media Player and click "Add to My Stations." Click the "Guide" button to return to the radio stations list.

Step 31

Click the "Library" button as your radio station is playing if you want to add your radio station to a playlist. Click the "Now Playing List" and click "Save Playlist as." This launches the "Save as" dialog box.

Step 41

Type a name for the radio station in the "File name" dialog box and click "Save." The playlist for your radio station is saved in the "My Playlists" folder