How to Add a Sports Team to My Facebook Profile

by Micah McDunnigan
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As a sports fan, the teams you root for help define who you are. Your teams define your rivalries, your heroes, your good years and your bad years. The whole point of your Facebook profile is to tell people about yourself, so as a sports fan it only makes sense to add the sports teams you follow to your profile. Not only will it add the team to the interests that display on your Facebook Timeline, but it also lets Facebook know to incorporate content from that team into your news feed. All you have to do is "Like" the team on Facebook.

Step 1

Sign in to your Facebook profile, then click the "Edit Profile" link near the top of the left sidebar.

Step 2

Scroll down the next page until you see the "Likes" section, then type the name of the sports team into the search bar.

Select the team you want to add from the list of teams appearing below the text field. This will make your account "Like" the team and add it to your profile.


  • You can always remove a sports team from your profile by un-liking the team. You can do this by going to the team's Facebook Page, moving your cursor over the "Liked" button, and selecting "Unlike" from the menu that appears.
  • When you "Like" a sports team, Facebook may generate a story about you liking the team and display that story for your friends to see on their news feeds.
  • After you "Like" a sports team, you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends also like that team by visiting the team's Page. Your Facebook friends, in turn, will also see you among their friends that also like the team.
  • You can choose who can see the sports teams you like by clicking on the pencil shaped icon in the upper left corner of your "Likes" section on your profile, then selecting "Edit Privacy" from the drop-down menu that appears. You can then select the visibility setting for your sports teams by clicking the drop down menu across from "Sports Teams" in the box that appears.


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