How to Add Songs to Taijin Karaoke

By Betty Jean Steinshouer

Karaoke singing allows everyone to be a star.
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Taijin Karaoke systems allow you to add songs as often as you like, so that you never feel stuck singing the same tunes over and over. Of course, you may want to keep beloved songs as you learn new tunes. You can add songs either by subscribing to a monthly service or by downloading tracks as you wish. Depending on the age of your karaoke system, you may be able to use a LAN or a USB connection. You also can order CDs that will allow you to manually augment your Taijin Karaoke system's selection of songs.

Step 1

The Taijin TKR900 uses a LAN network connection for downloading new songs.
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Locate the cable that came with your Taijin Karaoke system. If it resembles a large telephone plug, you have a LAN connection. Make sure it is plugged into the karaoke machine.

Step 2

A LAN port resembles an oversized telephone jack on the side or back of your computer.
i LAN connector. A close up. It is isolated on a white background. image by Andrey Khritin from

Find the LAN port on your computer. Again, it will resemble an oversized telephone portal. Plug the LAN cable into this portal to download songs from the Internet to your Taijin Karaoke.

Step 3

A USB cable is necessary to add songs to the Taijin TKR-300K Home Karaoke System.
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If your cable has an extended, silver-colored connection with a USB symbol on it, plug it into one of the USB ports on your computer instead of the LAN port. Every computer or laptop has at least two USB ports. This is the same kind of cable you would use to download photos from a camera or upload songs to an iPod or MP3 player.

Step 4

USB ports are the universal connectors for exterior devices to computers.
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Make sure the USB cable is connected between your Taijin Karaoke system and your computer. Your computer will recognize it and ask what you want to do. If it gives you an option to upload songs, click that. If not, it should take you to the Taijin website to add songs.

Step 5

Once you get to the Taijin website, look for "Download" or "Update" buttons. Click to add songs to your Taijin Karaoke system. Some older systems may require you to first store the music on your computer, as you would with an iPod or MP3 player, and then upload the songs from the Taijin site onto your karaoke system.