How to Add a Skype Button to Outlook 2007

By Jeff Grundy

i Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The latest desktop version of Skype integrates directly with Outlook 2010 and 2013. Therefore, adding Skype connectivity to newer versions of Outlook is rather straightforward. The Skype desktop client, though, is not similarly compatible with Microsoft Office 2007. Nevertheless, Skype still offers an older add-on toolbar for Outlook 2007 that allows you to call those in your address book directly from the email application.

Step 1

Exit Microsoft Outlook on your PC.

Step 2

Download the Skype Email Toolbar for Outlook 2007 from the Skype website (link in Resources) and find and double-click the executable file you downloaded to begin installing the application.

Step 3

Click the “Next” button in the Skype Toolbar for Outlook Setup Wizard window. Accept the terms of the License Agreement for the Skype Toolbar for Outlook 2007 and then click “Next.” Click the "Skype Toolbar for Outlook" drop-down list in the “Custom Setup” window, then select "Will be installed on local hard drive." Click the "Next" button.

Step 4

Click “Install” to begin installation of the toolbar. Wait a few minutes for the installation wizard to copy needed files and configure the Skype toolbar for use with Outlook. After the installation wizard copies the needed files it closes automatically.

Step 5

Start Microsoft Outlook and then wait a few seconds for the “Skype Toolbar for Outlook” window to appear. When prompted, click “Allow Access” to use the Skype toolbar with Outlook.

Step 6

Accept the default parameters for the toolbar and then click “OK.”

Step 7

Open any email message in your Inbox folder. If the sender of the email is already in your Outlook Contacts list, his phone number appears in the Skype pane to the right of the message pane. Double-click the phone icon next to the sender’s phone number to open Skype and dial the number automatically.