How to Add a Digital Signature to a Mail Merge Document

By Rachel Miller

Adding a digital signature to your Microsoft documents will make them read-only.
i Michael Blann/Lifesize/Getty Images

A mail-merge in Microsoft documents can be an intricate undertaking. Data from one source must be merged precisely with the other in order to form letters or create labels for each data entry. While they ultimately save users a lot of time on their mail-outs the process can be tricky and it sometimes pays to add an invisible digital signature to your work. This will protect it from being edited by anyone reviewing the template and determine the origin and authenticity of the document. This process applies to both Microsoft Word documents and Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Click on "File" in the ribbon menu. Select the "Info" section.

Under "Permissions" click on "Protect Document" or "Protect Workbook" and then click on "Add a Digital Signature."

Peruse the message that appears and click "OK."

Place your cursor in the box next to "Purpose for Signing this Document" and type your purpose.

Click on "Sign."