How to Add People to my Safe Senders List in Apple Mail

by Jason Artman

Email software often mistakes messages sent to many recipients as spam and sends them to the junk mail folder. This can be an annoyance if it prevents you from receiving mass messages that you signed up for. In Mac Mail, a message will not be marked as junk if the sender's email address is in your address book. To mark someone as a safe sender, add his address to your address book.

Step 1

Launch Mac Mail using the Dock icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2

Open the junk mail folder, and then double-click the message that Mac Mail incorrectly marked as spam.

Step 3

Right-click the email address in the "From" field. If you have a Mac with a one-button mouse, hold the "Control" key while clicking.

Click "Add to Address Book." This adds the sender's email address to your address book, marking it as safe in Mac Mail.


  • If Mac Mail sends a message to the junk mail folder accidentally, click the message in the junk mail folder, and then click the "Not Junk" button at the top of the window. This is not the same as adding the sender to the safe senders list, but can help prevent similar messages from being sent to the junk mail folder in the future.


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