How to Add or Change Search Engines in Windows Vista

by Qyou Stoval

For a quicker shortcut to search for various information on the Internet, you can conduct searches from the Windows Vista Start menu search bar. When searching, you can input your search parameters, and your Internet browser will open with the results. Changing or adding search engines within Vista saves time because you do not have to open your Internet browser and access the search engine website to do quick searches on the Internet.

Press the "Windows" button on your keyboard, plus the letter "R." Alternatively, access the "Start" menu and type "gpedit.msc." Click "Okay" and a "Local Group Policy Editor" box will open.

Access the "Configuration Administration," then "Templates," "Windows Component." Click "Search."

Double-click on the "Custom Internet search provider," which will open a dialog box. Click the "Enable" button.

Type "Search Google" or any other search engine you would like to use in the top field (there are two fields total) requesting your search provider.

Type in the search URL in the second box. For example, Google would be Q=%W. Click "Okay" and close your local group policy editor. Press the "Start" button and type "cmd.exe." Click"Okay" and type "gpupdate4/force" and press "Enter." You will receive a message that the changes were successful.

Access your "Start" menu and begin typing content you would like your search engine to search. A search box will open through your Internet browser.

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