How to Add a Samsung Printer to a Computer

By Bonnie Conrad

Samsung printers are popular choices for home and business uses.
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For many years, Samsung has been a popular name in the world of electronics and computers. The printers the company makes are widely used in homes and businesses. It is important to set up those printers properly to help you avoid problems in the future.

Find an appropriate place on your desk or workspace and set up the printer. Connect the power cord to the printer and power it on.

Connect the printer cable from the back of the Samsung printer to your computer. Place the square end of the USB cable in the back of the printer and the flat end into a free USB port on your computer.

Place the software installation CD that came with your Samsung printer into the computer's CD or DVD drive and wait for the software installation screen to appear. Click "Setup" to start the installation. Choose the location where you want the software installed, or just accept the default location from the CD. Send a test page to the printer after the software has been installed.