How to Add RAM to My Lenovo Laptop

by Jeff Grundy
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If you want your Lenovo laptop to run faster, install more RAM (random access memory). Installing more RAM in your laptop is one of the surest ways to increase almost every aspect of your computer's performance. Your applications will load faster, and you will be more productive because you can open more programs at once.

Adding RAM to your Lenovo laptop is not difficult and is something you can do in just a couple of minutes. If you know how to turn a screwdriver, then you can upgrade the memory in your laptop.

Step 1

Turn off your laptop and remove the AC adapter and all other cables connected to the computer. Close the display screen and flip the computer upside down.

Step 2

Remove the battery from the laptop by sliding the battery lock latch left to unlock it. Hold the latch in the unlocked position as you pull the battery out of the bay.

Step 3

Remove the screw from the memory slot cover. On most Lenovo laptops, the memory slot is directly above the battery bay. Remove the memory slot cover and set it aside. Touch a metal surface inside the computer to prevent electrostatic shock to sensitive circuitry inside the laptop and on the memory module.

Step 4

Press outward on the retaining clips that secure the memory module. Lift the memory module as you continue to press the clips and pull it out of the slot.

Step 5

Line up the notch on the contact edge of the new memory module with the notch in the memory slot. Be careful not to touch the gold or silver edge of the module or you may damage the SO-DIMM (laptop memory module).

Step 6

Angle the memory module to about 20 degrees and insert it into the slot. Press firmly when seating the module. Once it is seated in the memory slot, push the module downward until it snaps into place. Ensure the module is secure and does not move.

Replace the memory slot cover and tighten the retaining screw. Reinstall the battery, AC adapter and cables. Start your computer after you complete the installation.


  • Never attempt to add RAM memory to your laptop with the battery installed or the AC adapter connected. If you do, you will most likely damage your laptop beyond repair.


  • On some Lenovo laptops, you will need to remove the palm rest in order to reach the memory slot. There are usually three or four labeled screws on the bottom of the laptop. When you remove these screws, you can then remove the palm rest.
  • Make sure you purchase the right type of memory for your laptop. Lenovo's product site offers good information on the type of memory you need for your laptop. Start your search there and then compare prices at other sites that sell compatible memory products for your specific model.

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