How to Add PST Files

By Diana Braun

Microsoft Outlook
i Adria Richards ( under Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License.

Microsoft Outlook stores offline copies of your messages, contacts, notes and calendar events in a personal storage table file known as a PST. This file is critical in that it contains a backup of your Outlook account. If you switched email accounts, need to restore to a backup or just want to add an additional folder to help keep you better organized, you will need to add a PST file to Outlook to get your old information synced and up and running.

Open Microsoft Outlook. Select the "Tools" tab and select "Options."

Select the "Mail Setup" tab; then select "Data Files" from the Options task window.

Click the "Add" button from the Outlook Data Files task window. Select "Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)" from the New Outlook Data File task window. Click "OK."

Browse to the PST file you want to add. If you would like to add a new PST file, select a file name and click "OK." A window will show that the PST file was added to Outlook. Select "Close" and then "OK." Your Personal Folder (PST) file is now visible in the folder list of Outlook.