How to Add a Printer to a Verizon Router

By Patrick Nelson

Use the control panel on the printer to print a test page.
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You can add printers to home or office networks so that any computer or device on the network with the correct drivers can print to it. The solution has the advantage of reducing the need to hot-swap cables and move equipment around. You can leave the printer in a central location that everyone can get to. The fastest printing and most robust method of networking a printer is to plug it directly into the router. You can use Verizon routers for this.

Step 1

Verify that the printer is turned off and then insert a network cable into the printer's Ethernet jack. Plug the other end into a spare port on the Verizon router.

Step 2

Turn the printer on and wait two minutes. Then use the control panel on the printer to print a test page. The way you do this is different on printers depending on manufacturer, but usually it's a combination of button presses. Your printer documentation will tell you how to do it. Verify that an IP address is listed on the configuration page. Repeat the earlier steps if the IP address doesn't show.

Step 3

Install the printer's software onto one of the computers that's connected to the Verizon router by inserting the disc that came with the printer into the computer's drive bay and allowing the disc to load. Then follow the instructions to install the software. At one point during the install, the software will prompt you for an IP address. Enter the address from the configuration page and allow the installation to complete.

Step 4

View or change network settings by typing the IP address into a Web browser on any of the computers connected to the Verizon router. The embedded printer Web server will open and you can then also make printer settings changes remotely.