How to Add Pictures to Songs in iTunes

by Patrice D. Wimbush

iTunes offers a variety of features to help you organize your music, create playlists and add images to view when songs play on your device; the Genius feature gathers songs from your iTunes library, arranges and creates playlists based on how well the songs mix together. iTunes adds original album artwork to an album or individual song at no cost to you, but you can customize your display with album/song images stored on your computer with just a few mouse clicks.

Entire iTunes Library

Open your iTunes browser. Click the "Advanced" tab located at the top of the browser next to the "Store" tab.

Select "Get Album Artwork" under the "Advanced" tab. A pop-up box will appear.

Click "Get Album Artwork." iTunes will search your entire iTunes library and add original artwork to songs that don't have an image. If iTunes cannot locate artwork for every album in your library, a notification will appear on your screen with the message "Could not get artwork for some albums."

Click "OK." Right-click a song and select "Get Info." If iTunes found missing artwork, there will be a picture under the "Summary" tab.

Add Artwork Automatically

Open your iTunes browser.

Click "Edit" and navigate to "Preferences." Select the "Store" tab in the "Preferences" box.

Add a check next to "Automatically download missing album artwork." Click "OK." Each time you download or import an album or song, iTunes will automatically search for missing artwork.

Adding a Personal Image

Open your iTunes browser. Scroll to the song you want to add an image to and right-click the song.

Select "Get Info" from the menu. Click the "Artwork" tab. If the image you want to add is stored in a folder on your hard drive, left-click the image and drag it to the artwork box.

Add an online image: Save the image to a folder on your hard drive by clicking "Save Image As" for Firefox or "Save Picture As" for Internet Explorer. Open the folder with the saved image. Left-click and drag to the artwork box and click "OK."

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