How to Add Pics Into a Reply on Facebook

by Nick Peers
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Photos are a major part of the Facebook experience -- users upload hundreds of millions of photos each day. You can insert multiple pictures into your message when you reply to messages other people have sent you on Facebook. The recipient can view the images immediately by clicking them. You can also insert pics into your comments and replies on Facebook posts and status updates.

Add Pics To Messages

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account and click the "Messages" link in the left pane to view all your conversations and messages.

Step 2

Click the conversation that contains the message you want to reply to. All messages are displayed in the right pane.

Step 3

Click the "Add Photos" button in the "Write a Reply" box at the bottom of the conversation.

Step 4

Select the pics you want to send and then click "Open" to insert them into your reply. To select more than one picture, hold "Ctrl" and click multiple pics. You can select all pictures in a folder by pressing "Ctrl-A."

Type or paste your reply in the text box and then press "Enter" to send the reply, along with the pics, to the recipient.

Add Pics To Comments

Step 1

Click the "Comment" or "Reply" link under the post you wish to comment on or click inside the "Write a Comment" box directly.

Step 2

Click the camera icon to open the File Upload window and then use the file browser to select the image you want to add to the comment and click "Open" to add it.

Type or paste the text of the comment and then click "Enter" to submit it. The comment, along with the picture, appears under the post within seconds.


  • Ensure you don't send select all pictures in a folder.
  • You can't delete messages after you send them.


  • If you want to insert pictures into the chat box, click the small camera icon, select the pics, click "Open" and then press "Enter" to send them to the recipient.
  • You can only add a single image to a comment, so the "Ctrl-Click" and "Ctrl-A" shortcuts don't work.
  • You can delete your comment own comments by clicking the pencil icon and choosing "Delete" from the menu.


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