How Do You Add People on a Facebook Band? (9 Steps)

By Emma Nichols

A Facebook page for your band is a great way to keep your fans up to date and reach out to new fans.
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A useful way for bands and musicians to get their music out, attract new fans and keep their old fans up to date is by creating profiles on social networking websites. Facebook has an option that allows bands and musicians to create their own profile that is slightly different from a personal profile. Instead of locking the profile to people in your network or friends, the band page is open for anyone to see, and the owner of the profile does not have to physically add people. Instead, people add themselves to the band's profile themselves.

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2

Click "Create New Facebook Page" on the Facebook home page.

Step 3

Click on the circle next to "Artist, Band or Public Figure."

Step 4

Select "Band" or "Musician" from the drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click "Create Page."

Step 6

Type your band's name in the title to make it easily accessible.

Step 7

Upload photos of your band in the profile pictures album and edit the biography to include facts about the band and the names of each member.

Step 8

Click "Edit Profile."

Step 9

Type each band member's name in the box labeled "Members." Facebook does not have an option to tag members in this box as of January 2010.