How to Add PDF Writer As Your Printer

by Christopher Kennedy

A Portable Document Format (PDF) file allows users to maintain formatting options across different computers and operating systems. It ensures the user that the formatting is exactly as the creator wanted it presented down to the exact font. Creating a PDF can be as easy as choosing a print option through your favorite word processing program.


Download and install PDF Writer or a similar program.


Follow the prompts in the installation process leaving the default settings intact. Click Finish when the installation process is complete.


Open your web browser, word processing program or any other program capable of printing.


Choose "File > Print." From the printer options menu, select the "PDF Writer" printer option and select "Print."


Choose the settings for the file after the PDF Writer menu has appeared. Name and save your file in a convenient location.


  • check The PDF format is great to use for security purposes or to embed your copyright information.

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