How to Add PDF Forms to a WordPress Site

by Marina Martin

Forms are commonly provided as PDF files that you can then print or in some cases fill out directly on your computer, depending on how the PDF's creator originally set it up. If you're using WordPress to host your blog or website, you can also use it to host your PDF form. Provide a direct link to the form via other mediums, such as email, or place a link to the form on a WordPress page or post.


Log in to your WordPress administrator account.


Click "Media" on the left side of the window to expand the menu.


Click "Add New..."


Click "Select Files."


Select the PDF form file on your computer. Click "Open." Wait for the file to upload.


Make note of the URL in the "File URL" box. This is the specific Web address of your PDF form. Share this URL with anyone who needs a direct link to your form.


Click "Save All Changes."


Paste the following HTML code within a WordPress post or page to create a clickable link to your PDF form:

Click here for my PDF form

Replace URL with the unique URL for the PDF file from above. Optionally, change "Click here for my PDF form" to the text of your choosing.


  • check Paste the same HTML code into an email or other HTML-enabled space to create a clickable link to your PDF form there.