How to Add Page Numbers in OpenOffice

by Candice Coleman

OpenOffice is open-source software that features programs similar to Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Using OpenOffice's word processing program, you can add page numbers to your documents. You can include page numbers at the bottom of each page or at the top, and you can change the way page numbers appear on each page of your document. You can also include Roman numerals as page numbers for your OpenOffice word document.

Basic Page Numbering

Create a header for your document by right-clicking on your document and selecting "Page." Pick the "Header" tab that appears in the dialog pop-up.

Select "Header on" beneath the "Header" title. If you want your page numbers to be mirrored, or to have the page number on the left side of one page and on the right on the next page, click the "Same content left/right" box beneath the "Header" title. A header will now appear at the top of each page in your document.

Place your mouse cursor over the header area. Click "Insert," and click "Fields." Select "Page Number."

Page Numbers With Roman Numeral Preface

Open a new document and right-click on it. Select "Page" to bring up the "Page Style" dialog. Select the "Organizer" tab and name your preface "Preface." Pick "Preface" for the "Next Style." Choose the "Header" tab and turn the header on. Select the "Page" tab and pick "i, ii, iii, ..." from the "Format" drop-down menu beneath "Layout Styles," which is located in the bottom-right corner of the dialog.

Choose the "Header" tab and turn the header on. Select the "Page" tab and pick "i, ii, iii, ..." from the "Format" drop-down menu beneath "Layout Styles" in the bottom-right corner of the dialog. Click "OK" to close the pop-up dialog. Click "Insert," then "Fields" and select "Page number."

Write the preface of your document. Each page should be numbered with Roman numerals. Create a few blank lines at the end of your preface. Click "Insert" from the top of the document page and pick "Manual Break." Beneath "Type," click "Page Break." From the "Style" drop-down menu, pick "Default."

Click the "Change page number" box to turn the option on. In the drop-down menu beneath the "Change page number" box, set the value to "1." Click "OK." Continue writing the rest of your document, which should now feature typical page numbers.


  • check You can also click "Insert," then "Fields" and "Page Count" to make your page numbering read "Page x of x."
  • check To make the document read "Page X," simply click on the header and type "Page" before the page number.
  • check You can add page numbers to the footer as well. Click "Format," then "Page." Pick the "Footer" tab.

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