How to Add Music to a SWF File

By Alexis Lawrence

The SWF Flash video file format can be opened in a variety of editors and design programs, and is commonly used for uploading to video-sharing websites. However, no basic video editors accept Flash video files in the SWF format. If you would like to add music to an SWF file, however, you can work around the limitations of video-editing applications by converting the SWF file to a compatible video file format.

Go to an online media conversion website that accepts SWF files, such as Media-Convert or YouConvertIt, or download the SWF-to-Video Converter. You can convert in Media-Convert and YouConvertIt for free, and you can obtain a free download of the SWF-to-Video Converter at the SoThink website.

Convert the SWF file into the native file format for the video editor you would like to use. To convert in either online converter or in the SWF-to-Video Converter, click the "Choose File," "Select" or "Import" button to find the SWF file. Select the appropriate file type for your converter from the "Output Format" or "Convert to" menu, then click the "Destination" folder icon to choose the folder where you want to save the file and click "Convert."

Launch the video editor on your computer. iMovie is the native Apple video editor and Windows Movie Maker is native to Windows systems. Alternatively, you can use any other editor that you'd prefer.

Import both the converted SWF file and the music file that you want to add. To import in most video-editing programs, click the "Import" button on the main screen or go to "File" and choose "Import" from the menu. Go to the folder with the SWF file and double-click the file, then click "Import" again. Go to the folder that contains the music file and double-click the file.

Drag the converted SWF file onto the "Video" track of the timeline in the editing program. Drag the music file that you want to add to the "Audio" or "Music" track of the timeline in the editing program.

Go to the "File" menu and choose "Export" or "Publish" in the editing program. Enter a name for the file in the window that appears, then select the location on the hard drive where you want to save the file. Click the "Export" or "Publish" button to export the project as a movie file.