How to Add Music to a Photo DVD

by Stephen A. Powell
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Making a photo DVD slideshow allows you to view your favorite images away from the computer. You can inject your personal style and touch to the photo DVD slideshow by adding music to the project. Using the same video editing or presentation software you used to create the photo DVD's slideshow, adding music to the project takes a matter of seconds. Deciding on a song to incorporate into the slideshow will be the most difficult part.

Step 1

Add images to your photo DVD slideshow's clip viewer pane if you have not already done so. The clip viewer pane presents images and media as thumbnails that you may drag and drop to the timeline below. Click the "Add Photo" link or button in your video editing or presentation software's navigation pane. Alternatively, you may add new photos using the "Import" or "Insert" option in the menu bar's "File" tab. Click the desired photo's file icon from the ensuing file browser, then click "OK."

Step 2

Add a music file to the presentation. Click the "Add Audio" or "Add Music" link or button in your video editing or presentation software's navigation pane. Click the music file's icon from the file browser and click "OK." Alternatively, you may add new audio via the "Import" or "Insert" option in the menu bar's "File" tab.

Step 3

Drag and drop the photos from the clip viewer pane into the timeline below.

Step 4

Drag and drop the music file from the clip viewer pane into a separate track on the timeline if it is not imported into one automatically. Next, drag and drop the music into the timeline viewer file beneath the photos' timeline track to create a new one.

Step 5

Arrange the photos in the slideshow's timeline as desired. Drag and drop the photos from the clip viewer onto and along the timeline to allow the desired amount of time between image changes. A given image will display until the next image appears in the timeline.

Step 6

Save the photo DVD slideshow in a file format compatible with your DVD writer drive, such as MPEG, AVI or MOV.

Step 7

Insert a blank writable DVD into your computer's DVD writer drive. Launch your DVD writer utility if it does not load automatically upon insertion.

Load the photo DVD slideshow's newly saved video file into your DVD writer software. Click "Burn DVD," then select "Video DVD" from the ensuing burn dialog. Click "Burn" to complete the process.


  • You may bypass dragging and dropping the photo and music files from the clip viewer if they import directly into timeline tracks.


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